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From building simple web pages to more complicated database designs, we can help you and your organization use new technologies for customer and member support and even increase your organizational efficiency.  Small businesses are often surprised at what a minimal investment can provide them in advertising and customer service.  You will find our prices are very competitive for development and web/e-mail space.  All you need are your own Internet connection and a few creative ideas.

We are based just south of Des Moines, Iowa.  As you can see in the examples, however, the web knows no boundaries and we have successfully built sites for customers from New Jersey to Colorado to Arizona.  If you have some ideas and some content, we can help you implement those into a great web presence.

  • Content is King, Consistency is Queen. The number one reason visitors are coming to your site is the content. All development will focus around the content of your site. Users also like a site that is consistent and clear. All pages of your site will have a consistent look and feel about them so users do not get lost.
  • Navigation will be intuitive and obvious. Users should never have to guess where to click to take them to the information they want to see. Navigation should be consistent throughout the site.
  • We develop our sites to work well in the most commonly used web browsers. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are some of the most widely used browsers. There are some differences in features each supports. Our pages work well in most W3C compliant browsers.
  • Graphics and pictures are a wonderful tool for catching users attention if used properly. Many sites get carried away with the use of images and animations, resulting in long download times and frustrated users. We believe graphics and images should enhance the content of your site as well as catch the attention of your visitor. We optimize images for the fastest download times possible.
  • We keep the visitor in mind at all times and develop sites that work well for a variety of users. Most of our sites load quickly over dial-up connection as well as broadband. Our designs are friendly to different screen resolutions. We use color combinations that keep things easy to read.
  • We follow web design and development standards that are well accepted in the industry.  All new development is done in asp.net.
  • Our development rates are reasonable and we can help you secure inexpensive web space capable of serving your dot net website, a SQL database (if required), and domain name if you wish.

Each of the websites listed is fully functional and available to the public.  The title on each page is a link to the site so explore away and enjoy!

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